Our Ethos is Simple - Every Bottle of Sapling Plants a Tree

All of our tree partners are committed not only to planting trees, but to enhancing the communities around their planting projects. 


London Planting Partner: Trees for Cities

We are delighted to call London based charity Trees for Cities our partner. By planting thousands of urban trees worldwide each year, Trees for Cities is building resilience against threats facing the natural environment. These urban projects have a range of goals; from addressing the problem of pollution at inner city schools, to reconnecting children with nature through the Edible Playgrounds programme. 

What They Say About Us"Sapling Spirits is a fantastic young company and a natural fit for Trees for Cities. Their local, sustainable ethos and desire to give back to the environment directly aligns with our vision. We are proud to be their UK charity partner of choice, and we’re excited to work together towards creating greener and healthier cities." - Rory Field - Corporate Partnerships Director



UK Agroforestry Partners: Food and Forest

We are very happy to be planting with Food & Forest in conjunction with their agroforestry projects in Suffolk. Agroforestry has numerous benefits from a financial perspective, as well as an environmental one: decreased use of chemicals, increased water retention, reduction in soil loss and increases in beneficial insects are just a few of the advantages. By working with Food & Forest, we are not only seeking to benefit local farmers but also to increase biodiversity around the farms.

Global Planting Partner: High Atlas Foundation

HAF works to enhance the livelihood of communities in Morocco. They stress a participatory approach in which members of these communities are involved in and often take the lead with the tree planting projects. They have planted over 3 million trees and have plans for many more! HAF stand for everything we believe in at Sapling and we are very excited to be working with them.

What They Say About Us

"Sapling Spirits was conceived to give to from where it has gotten. It is part of its identity to uplift the earth and those people who till it. More often than not, in so many parts of our world, it is the actual food makers who do without essentials of life. If we drink, lets do so responsibly and with love. Sapling Spirits will bring taste to the experience, and give to empower families who work our earth sustainably to nourish us." - Yossef Ben-Meir, Ph.D., President