5 Litre Eco Box

The Eco Box : 

1. 5L 

2. Used to Refill Sapling Bottles 

3. £180 (Bottle Price Equivalent £25.21) 

4. Black Friday Deal (Bottle Equivalent £20.16) 

5. Product and Deal Only Available Until Tuesday 30 November 

6. Glass accounts for 37% of the Carbon Output Of Each Bottle 

7. Let us Know If You Think We Should Make These Available All Year Round  

As you know, we like to keep things GREEN. So, Black Friday doesn’t generally sit that well with us. It leads to to hyper consumerism of what can generally be described as tat. This made us think, what could we do that would be different….. How could we make Black Friday a Green Friday? 

So, for the weekend (and Monday and Tuesday) we have decided to put our eco box online. What is the eco box you ask? Until today this product has only been available to the hospitality sector in order to help cut down on glass wastage. Bars, restaurants, and hotels all over the UK use these boxes to fill their empty bottles of Sapling. Today we are giving YOU the opportunity to fill your empty bottles of Sapling with our 5L Eco Box vodka. 

We have decided to list the Eco Box at £180. So with the 20% discount we are running it works out at £20.16 per bottle, so a £10 saving on the usual price. That should be your Christmas supply sorted! 

Climate Positive, and delicious? 🌳🍸




Always vegan
We’re planet friendly and carbon neural
Never any plastic
Always gluten free
Certified B-corp with a score of 111.7
For every bottle sold, a tree is planted.
On each bottle a unique code tells you
what tree was planted where.
Tasting Notes