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There are two things Sapling loves: great spirits and the natural world. When you choose Sapling you will enjoy both delicious homegrown spirits and making the world a better place.

Planet Friendly

Planet Friendly







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Gluten Free

Sapling's spirits are clean, creamy, and smooth with a touch of sweetness that lends itself beautifully to a vodka martini, gin and tonic, or on the rocks.

Made exclusively in the UK, Sapling use local ingredients to reduce transport emissions. Our base spirits is distilled four times only using British wheat.

To make our vodka our base spirit is then blended with charcoal filtered, de-ionised water. The high starch content of the wheat leaves a fresh finish and a hint of natural sweetness that makes Sapling Vodka so easy to drink.

Our gin is a climate positive London Dry gin is bold on the juniper, refreshingly zesty, with hints of rosemary for a herbaceous finish. 


We love working with like minded establishments. Whether it's a pub, bar, event company, independent retailer, or pop up shop, we are honoured to help provide world class cocktails and plant trees all over the country. Here are some of our favourite spots. Give us a shout if you want to join the Sapling community.


The Tree House Hotel




For every bottle you buy, a tree is planted. On each bottle a unique code tells you what tree was planted where and a little about the planting project. From fruit trees in London to Oak trees in Bristol, its the local communities who benefit from our planting projects.

One tree can absorb up to 1.5 tonnes of carbon in its lifetime. Making a bottle of vodka emits about 2.5kg of carbon. You could say each bottle of Sapling pays back over 535 times.

Come with us on our journey to plant 1,000,000 trees by 2027. This is backed up by a commitment by us to donate 5% or more of our annual revenue towards tree planting projects.

Climate positive and delicious? Cheers.

Our Planting Projects

Planting trees is not just about absorbing carbon dioxide, although this is by no means unimportant! We look for projects that give a bit more. Whether they are enhancing mental health in inner cities, or increasing biodiversity around the countryside, we are still discovering just how cool tress can be. 

Urban Planting

We want our projects to be up close and personal, so you can sip on a cocktail in your favourite bar in the knowledge that we are planting locally and enhancing your local community. 

Our urban projects span London from East to West, with orchards planted throughout the city. They also extend to Bristol, Newcastle, and Exeter.

Forest Gardens

We planted the UK's first hotel forest garden with our pals at Raithwaite Hotel. Forest gardens are biodiverse and productive areas which include multiple layers of herbs, veg, and fruits, which can then be used to supply the surrounding area. This project allowed a hyper local supply chain between a field next to the hotel and its kitchen. Hopefully this can be a blue print for many more to come!



Remember what we were saying about trees being about more than just carbon absorption?  We've teamed up with the High Atlas foundation in Morocco who are committed to bring economic prosperity to the Atlas Mountains and the countryside by planting trees. The planting is used to develop relationships with the locals and the fruits are sold by rural communities for profit.

Sapling Spirits
Sapling Spirits

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