We love great spirits
and nature

Climate Positive

We are positive about most things we do. It's part of our DNA. While we take the protection of our planet and ecosystems very seriously, it's always been important for us to love and be positive about our future. Our founders wanted to create something that brings friends together, brings more people into the planet loving fold, and leaves the world in a better place than when they found it. Each Sapling bottle not only has a carbon negative footprint (about the only thing we are negative about) but we also work to help increase biodiversity, improve soil health and our local communities, and reduce glass waste.

B Corp

Being a BCORP makes us part of an awesome community of like minded companies. This means that we are committed to and have demonstrated outstanding sustainable performance and exhibit transparency about our sustainable practices publicly. Their words not ours. We think it's pretty cool. Sustainability is always progressing and changing and yep that means we are constantly adapting our business practices to stay at the forefront of the movement. We are proud to have scored 111.7 points making us one of the highest scoring drinks brands in the world.

Who are we?

In short we're a bunch of tree huggers who can appreciate a good drink. We all know the importance of making better choices in our daily lives, all of which have a big effect on our planet. With Sapling every decision we make has our people and planet's future at its core. So, next time you take a sip of Sapling, raise your glass to good times, delicious drinks, and a happier planet.

Not just a pretty bottle.

Fancy a read about how we officially get our carbon accounting calculations and offset certificates, all done in partnership with ClimatePartner.

Really Good Culture

Really Good Culture pool together reviews for sustainable products and give a score out of 10. We are 9.2!

Our B Corp score is currently 111.7.

If you're interested in our most recent impact report which shows our 2023 impact.