Happy New Year, Blenheim Palace Success, and Beyond

Happy New Year! We thought it was time for an update from the Sapling Team.

First of all a big thank you for those who made Blenheim Palace Christmas market possible - it was a tough one to organise! In the end, all of the early mornings and freezing cold evenings were worth every minute. For us it marked the first time we really got to speak to regular consumers about our product, and the feedback was better than we could have dreamed of. Having predicted a modest twenty bottles a day pre-market, we sold out our whole stock (for three weeks!) in the first five days. This didn't stop people preordering for our next batch which allowed us to sell a couple hundred more.

Having massively exceeded our own expectations, we are very excited going into 2019. We already have some great retail deals lined up and with a good track record bars are taking us on thick and fast so watch out for us!

Most importantly, we are very happy to be planting our first trees in a couple of weeks in the Atlas Mountains, and yes, we will be planting them ourselves. Every month new cross disciplinary reports are being produced stressing the importance of reforestation projects around the world, making it more and more important for business to give back to the planet.

We will be keeping you updated more often with our progress this year so stay tuned for more information, and keep an eye our for a cheeky Sapling mini film coming out in the next few months.

Lots of Love from the Sapling Team xxx