It's Tree Planting Season 💫

It’s tree planting season!


Autumn is in full swing. For some that might mean summer is sadly over; however, there are certain benefits that come with the colder months. There’s halloween, lovely orange coloured leaves, and of course it means the British tree planting season begins 🌳


For one bottle of our delicious vodka or gin that's bought we plant a tree. So your purchase can directly help climate change and reforest the planet! 


Between the months of October and March the ground is saturated and young saplings have the best chance of growth and survival. So this is of course when we start our planting process.


One of our goals at Sapling Spirits is not only to plant as many trees as possible, but to plant the RIGHT trees in the RIGHT places. There are many benefits to planting trees in the UK and some of these perks include : 

  • Cleaner air
  • Increased wildlife
  • Provide shade 
  • Reduce noise pollution
  • Help decrease flood risk 
  • Improve soil health 
  • And of course, absorbing carbon out of the atmosphere 


We are particularly excited to be working with Ubley Hill Farm in the Mendips, and Mill Farm in the Cotswolds for our upcoming tree planting events in November and February. We will be taking our local trade partners to this site to get them involved in all things Sapling. As always, cocktails will be served to get everyone in the planting spirit!

We like to call it a tree planting party.

If you’re keen to get involved in a public tree planting day, send us an email on