Meet Ed Faulkner: Co-Founder & All Rounder

Next up in our monthly series, Meet the Team, it's our Co-Founder, Ed Faulkner. 


Have a read below for Ed's favourite cocktails, trees and music to plant trees to. If you want to know more, drop us a comment or send us a message on social media!


What do you do at Sapling?

As a co-Founder, a bit of everything. I mostly focus on sustainability and making sure all of our operations sticks to our environmental mission. We constantly strive to be greener so there is always work to be done!


Background before Sapling?

I worked for a craft food and drink distributor and did an Msc in Environmental Politics on the side. I had to merge the two!


Favourite Sapling Cocktail? 

Its got to be the British Raspberry Spritz. So delicious when raspberry’s are in season and the most refreshing drink you could ask for in the summer.

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Favourite part/perks of the job?

Being able to get out into the countryside and plant some trees!


Favourite tree?

Favourite tree is definitely the Apple Tree - its got such a strong place in folklore, religion and British culture, while producing amazingly delicious fruit.


Favourite sustainable brand?

My favourite eco brand is probably Patagonia. I love how they combine great products with activism and try to make a difference outside of fashion.


Favourite song to listen to whilst planting trees?

Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine - It would help me get a lot more trees in the ground.

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