Meet Elliott Fulton: Head of On-Trade Sales

Welcome to our new monthly series, Meet the Team. We thought it was about time you got to know the people who put the spirit in Sapling Spirits in a little more detail. So, every month we will be introducing you to a different member of our team with a Q&A.


Tune in each month for our favourite cocktails, trees and music to plant trees to. If you want to know more, drop us a comment or send us a message on social media!


First up, Elliott Fulton.


What do you do at Sapling?

Head up the sales.


Background before Sapling?

Always booze and food. Worked for Heineken and Campari, owned a pub in-between!


Favourite Sapling Cocktail? 

Dry martini - 60ml Sapling, 15ml Londinio Dry Vermouth. Or for a bit more summery add some elderflower liqueur.

(For more Sapling cocktails, click here!)


Favourite part/perks of the job?

Selling vodka that ends up as trees. Hard not to love it.


Favourite tree?



Favourite sustainable brand?

Favourite beer has to be Toast Ale, huge fan of Urban Cordial, and for clothes Sirplus.


Favourite song to listen to whilst planting trees?

Gracey – Got You Covered

Sapling Spirits
Sapling Spirits

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