We Dig Trees

We Dig Trees

While you've been enjoying cocktails all around the country using Sapling, this season we've been very busy in parks and fields making sure that all of your trees are in the ground.  We've now planted over 11,000 trees! We've been quite spread out over the past few months, with a number of projects dotted around London and Bristol, and we've also been out to Morocco where we did a solid weeks planting.

We planted a load of fruit trees, from apples in Barking and wild cherry in Newham, to carob and pomegranate trees in the Atlas mountains. In Bristol we planted native trees including hawthorn, hazel, dogwood, and oaks.

We also started getting our trade friends down to plant with us which was a lot of fun. Hopefully soon we will be opening our planting days up to all of you guys.

The end of planting season was sadly cut short this year, with two our of projects set to take place in March being cancelled. Luckily before this managed to get the vast majority of our planting done. Check out our planting projects page on our new website (set to launch next week) to find out where!

Or if you are lucky enough to have a bottle, type in your number on the top of the seal into our tree tracker to find out where it was planted.


The Sapling Team