Sapling Spirits x The PIG

Win a holiday for two!

A sustainable future together.

THE PIGs share our passion for sustainability and ethical practices. Their commitment to sourcing locally, reducing waste, and supporting community initiatives resonates deeply with our values at Sapling Spirits. Collaborating with a brand that aligns so closely with our mission amplifies the impact we can make together. 

Partnering with THE PIGs is more than just a collaboration; it’s a shared commitment to the environment. Together, we're sowing the seeds of a greener, more sustainable future. 

Sapling Climate Positive Vodka

There are two things Sapling loves: great spirits and the natural world. When you choose Sapling you will enjoy both delicious homegrown spirits and making the world a better place.


At heart, THE PIGs are restaurants with rooms where everything starts with the Kitchen Garden.

We’re dedicated to the million details – from plants to people, we’re homegrown in every way. What we can’t grow ourselves, we source from our local heroes: the best farmers, fishermen and foragers we know.

THE PIGs are rooted in some of the most stunning parts of the English countryside and the places that we’re lucky enough to call home are pretty special with endless things to do and see, embedded in tight knit communities. Each PIG is totally different – we always go with the grain of the place and are committed to leaving the land in a better way than we found it (plus, the bedrooms are pretty comfy, too!).